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Hello 140s

Today, I hit a milestone in my journey.  I got in my 140s! It haven’t been in my 140s since I was in my late 20s–almost 10 years ago.  I’m incredibly proud of myself.  This past year has been an amazing journey in learning about discipline, perseverance, commitment, adaptability, and support.  I am completely a different person a year ago today.  A year ago today, I was indulging on sugar every day in the form of Girlscout cookies, chocolate, tapioca drinks, etc.   Today, my sugar for the day is in the form of grapefruit, apples, and oranges!  What a world of difference!  For those who have struggled with weight issues and other health complications, there is hope!  Don’t give up!

Hello 140s!

Hello 140s!

One Year Update: The Road to Healthy

Howdy Folks!  My name is Tricia Miller, I’m a working mom of two boys, age 5, and age 3, from Houston, TX.   A little over a year ago, I casted my struggles out to the world wide web, hoping to net motivation and support in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  Going “online” has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in continuing to share my story in hopes of giving encouragement and bringing motivation to people who may need a jumpstart in their life.

Here is my 1 year anniversary update!

In January 2015, I received a shocking borderline diabetic diagnosis from my general practionioner.  At age 37, I was taken aback!   I thought that only happened to “older” people.  At that time, I was already on my second year of taking blood pressure medication that was brought on from developing severe pre-eclampsia during the third trimester of my second pregnancy in 2013.  For two years, I have been under the care of a cardiologist, who monitored my blood pressure, and conducted regular EKG tests to monitor my heart.   Whenever I had a my cardiologist visits, I was always the youngest person in the room–not good!  To compound my health issues, I had knee issues too!!! Ugh! In  September 2014, I underwent my 2nd ACL surgery, and 2nd arthroscopic surgery for a meniscus tear.  My first ACL surgery happened in college while at The University of Texas at Austin playing intramural soccer.  Only in my mid 30s, my health was gradually deteriorating, and last year in January, I said to myself, Enough is Enough. I wanted my life back–I wanted my health back–I wanted to feel good about myself again. I dreamed of a life where I could be active with my two young boys either playing baseball or practicing soccer drills in the backyard. I dreamed of a life where I didn’t have to pop that blood pressure pill every morning at 9 o’clock! And to be honest, I dreamed of a life where I could feel good in a comfortable pair of jeans–and feel good about trying on things in the dressing room at the mall.  So many times, I had left Macy’s feeling depressed after trying on dresses, so I eventually stopped trying clothes all together! So I decided to take the risk, and MAKE A CHANGE!

My love for food had taken a toll, and what food meant to me growing up–would have to mean something differently.  OVEREATING was killing me softly.  This was particularly hard since I grew up in first generation Filipino-American family where food is a constant companion.  We show our love for one another for feeding each other.  Whether it’s the simplest of homecooked meals to a grand celebration with extended family members and friend, food is taken seriously!  Cooking and eating is an art!  My mom always–even now–has a warm, pot of rice in the rice cooker available at any time of the day!  My relationship with food had to be examined, and redefined in order for me to get healthier!

As a result, in February 2015, the climbing began.  I sought the help of a nutritionist from Advice for Eating–which I heard about through Memorial Information Trading (MIT).  My neighbor–who I did carpool with– also vouched for the nutritional counselors as she reached out to them for help after the birth of her 3rd child.  That 6 month plan was the Best. Money. Ever.  Spent. Actually, I like to think of it as an investment!  The knowledge I had about nutrition was a life giving gift.  With the help of a nutritionist, I learned how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat!  This was a missing piece from all the times I started attempts to lose weight before.  EDUDATION.  As a previous teacher and school counselor of nine years in the school system, I responded well to my nutritionist’s “lesson plans and homework assignments.”  To compliment my food plan, I got on an exercise plan with the help of a friend from the gym.  And the kicker and the best thing that happened was I built (unknowingly) a positive and motivating support group around me in and out of the gym.  I had my healthy entourage around me.  I was not alone! Most importantly, I dug deep emotionally, and eventually developed the determination that carried me through the year and even today.

In a little over  a year, here are my main accomplishments!

  • I finally have discipline, determination, and will power (you can’t lose weight, without this trifecta)
  • I have lost 27 pounds since January 2015
  • Down 2 dress sizes–I still hate dressing rooms though!
  • No More on blood pressure meds as of December 2015
  • No longer having borderline blood sugar levels for Type II Diabetes.
  • My right knee is stronger than ever–and as strong my left.  I can even run almost 2 miles!

Note–something I learned about my weight loss.  Weight Loss was just a byproduct of the determination and discipline I developed in my head.  My mental attitude had to change before any physical change could happen.

I don’t claim to have the magic formula in weight loss, there are probably a million ways to do it, but I sure have learned a lot this year about myself–and what it means to be healthy–even emotionally–that’s a whole other blog post!  This year, I’ve definitely learned so much more about the human spirit and the need to connect with others and the importance of support when enduring a challenge and/or hardship in life.

To all of you trying to get on the healthy train, don’t give up, or if you are already on it, keep showing up and killin’ it!  I’m here to motivate and elevate you! I’ve got an incredible story that I will continue to share with you! And I’m not done…I’m still going, and still have goals…so stay tuned! Please feel free to email me at if you want to drop me a line or tell me about yourself!  I have an open door!


Here are some pics that capture my 1 year plus of weight loss:

September 2014

One week post ACL surgery with my friend, Han Wright

October 2014

Off to see Oprah with knee brace!

jan 2015 trish pic

At my heaviest weight, 174

April 2015

Slowly paying off

August 2015

Lost 14 pounds by my birthday

June 2015

feelin’ good

October 2015

Halloween Happy

December 2015

Feb. 2015

At my son’s Valentine School Party



The Ultimate List Of 40 High-Protein Foods!

In my Week 5 of Muscle Building Cycle–I’m still struggling in getting more protein in my diet–supposed to be eating 1 gram of protein per body weight–so that’s about 155 grams of protein–and I’m averaging around 120 grams (via MyFitnessPal)…so I found this list…Cheers to more protein–and to gaining muscles…#tmillerproject #muscleupgirl #dietdietdiet

Pump up your protein intake, aisle by aisle, at the supermarket with’s top 40 ultimate protein picks!

Source: The Ultimate List Of 40 High-Protein Foods! –

I. AM. Feeling. Powerful.

better than yesterday

Week 2 of 12  my First Weight Lifting Cycle.

12 Week Goal from Late July  – October 2015 : Get under 150, Gain Muscle.

Goals Achieved in 12 Week Cardio Cycle from April – June 2015 : Lost 19 pounds, Cleaned Diet, Increased Self Confidence, Gained Discipline in Fitness and Nutrition

I am feeling leaner and even more importantly POWERFUL.  Something in me has changed–my inner fire is stronger and wiser.  I feel such great motivation at this time–perhaps it’s knowing where I began earlier this year weighing in at over 174 plus pounds.  Today I am 156. My body is leaner and definitely stronger….Because I got my weight down, I am no longer obese according to BMI standards!  Yes–accomplishment!

This is me at the gym today at 7:45 a.m….I know I get annoyed with people who take gym selfies–but I’m just proud.  My new lifting cycle is structured so I lift 5 times a week, ending with a 15 minute burst of cardio on the stairmaster.  Today I was ambitious and did a 45 minute spinning class at the end of day’s weight lifting workout! (I’m not supposed to do that!) Muscle groups are divided across the week with Chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday, and finally Biceps and Triceps on Friday. This is me, today, finishing up Arms–which is probably my FAVORITE day!

gym 08-07

My physique is much stronger, and I am PUSHING myself to achieve lifting goals that I have never accomplished before in my fitness history.  Many people at my gym have noticed the difference in me–and that feels encouraging!  Even people who I haven’t seen in a while in my friend circle are wondering what I’m doing.  My response to them is that I still have a long way to go, but I tell them thank you, and share with them how I had to change!  I was eating carelessly and indulgently!  I also tell them about the people who have helped me along the way–it’s not just me!  I have people motivating me in the background!  So–this Friday, I am happy, happy, happy (as Si would day from Duck Dynasty), and continuing to push myself into something new, and something better than yesterday.  #tmillerproject #justsweat #iampowerful #gottagrow

I’m Baaack!

Selfie on Creek St.

Selfie in Ketchikan, Alaska (July 2015)! Overlooking a creek where the salmon return to be home.

Hi All!  After what seems like a month vacation, I’m back at ready to begin anew with my training!  My last hard core workout day was Saturday, June 19th–and then I had a week of active rest the week of June 22nd.  Then, I ventured off to the last frontier state of Alaska for two weeks!  Even though, I did not have my workouts at the gym or the indoor cycling studio, I was active by walking, fishing, hiking during my vacation.  Also, I had some awesome sleep too!  I’ve had an incredible time resting and giving my body to actively rest and recuperate from the hard core cardio regiment my body endured since February of this year.  I was doing cardio 6 days a week for 3 to 4 consecutive months.

I’m currently at 155.4 pounds–19 pounds down from when I began.  Tomorrow, Monday, July 27th, I start Week 1 of a new workout cycle. Goal: Lose 10 pounds, and increase muscle mass/tone.  That’s it!  So, my workout assigned to me from a well trusted fitness companion/buddy/advisor comprises of 5 days of weight training, and a shorter cardio cycle.  I won’t be working out 6 days either.  My last workout cycle (also designed by the same fitness friend) was designed to tear my body down–which was a success–I definitely tore my body down and shrunk in size.  My body feels healthy right now, and my mind is ready to take on a new challenge!  I had to admit my diet was slacking a little bit due to being on vacation status, but I’m ready to tighten up, and build my mind again to be more disciplined and determined to not only be strong in the gym but strong at the dinner table too!  Coming back from Alaska–I have close to 200 pounds of wild caught salmon and halibut, so I’m comforted in knowing I have healthy food in my house!

So, wish me luck…I’m entering another unknown, but I feel so fortunate to be able to dedicate much time and energy to becoming stronger and healthier (and sexier)! 🙂  Here’s to the next challenge in my life!

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Alaskan Adventure

The past two weeks have just flew by here in Ketchikan, Alaska.  I would never believe in a lifetime I would be deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean nor camping somewhere in Alaska’s Inside passage.  This city girl was in for a big surprise!  My two little boys are two different boys now.  They are nature lovers, avid explorers, and sea enthusiasts.  My older boy hiked a very difficult landscape in Bell Island, and never once complained!  Every morning he would ask if he was going on the boat that day.  My other little one demanded to go fishing with his older brother, “Me go fishing with Jacob!”  The two of them are even more bonded with their hungry cousin Logan!

One of the highlights was the amazing seafood!  Wild, fresh, and abundant!  I’ve had Dungeness crabs, spotted prawns, squid, halibut, king salmon, clam, and cod on a rotational basis!  Cooking our trophies and spending time together as a family enjoying this bounty has been amazing.  The first day we went fishing I caught the King Salmon, and we cooked it that night!  Now—that doesn’t happen every day!  I’ve got more to share, but it has been adventure that has pushed me out of my city girl ways!


View of boat from camping site (Blind Pass Cabin) in Tongass National Forest


Beach combing on July 4th



the boys at totem bight

Cousin-Brothers (Logan, Nico, and Jacob)


My Halibut Catch off of Cape Chacon (south of Prince Wales Island)


Sun peaking at 3 am– on our way fishing

Jacob loves Coffee

A Happy Camper with his first “coffee”

crab cracker

Miller lunch downtown.


Totem Bight National Park

Week 19, 20, and 21 Update – Greetings from Alaska!

Good morning Alaska

Greetings from Alaska!

I’ve been behind on my weekly updates due to my work travel schedule and now I’m on vacation with my family for two weeks.  I’ve ranged from 156.0 to 157.2 in the last two weeks.  Here in Ketchikan, Alaska (small town with population 8,600), there is no gym, no scale, no fitness buddies, and no nutritionist here.  So, all my tools are in my head. Everything is all me!   I still want to continue healthy diet and a lifestyle despite being away from my normal routine–which is a challenge–especially when you are surrounded by fellow foodies!   So, in this time of being away, I will allow myself to splurge a little bit, but I will not allow myself to completely lose what I have worked for in these last several months.  Now is the time to not be so crazy strict on reaching a numeric goal, but to embrace the present and live life!

Healthy things I need to remember: while I’m on a two week vacation:

  1. Spiritual – Nature is absolutely gorgeous here!  Breathe in the clean air!  I’m surrounded by gorgeous trees and tons of lakes, streams, and straits!
  2. Diet – Stick to 350-450 calorie breakfast, lunch, and dinners.
  3. Diet Eat your broccolini! It is my magic vegetable!
  4. Diet Don’t slip into eating fried foods–I’ve had fried shrimp twice already (they were fresh wild caught prawns, so I had to try them fried of course!)
  5. Fitness Be active every day—I took a 45 minute afternoon hike around a lake yesterday with the kiddoes and took a 1 hour long walk around the neighborhood and downtown Ketchikan this morning.
  6. Diet Drink lots of water!
  7. Diet Have carbs (rice, tortilla, bread) during day.
  8. Diet Eat fruit 3 times/day!
  9. Diet Take advantage of eating the wild caught fish, shrimp, and crab here!  I really don’t have a desire to eat meat right now.
  10. Health – Get sleep–this is a time to sleep in and not feel pressured to get up at 6:00 a.m. like I normally do.
  11. Health – Relax, enjoy the moment, and have fun with my family!  Life is about precious moments, and appreciating what is happening NOW!  (Most important)
  12. Spiritual – Pray and give thanks to God for blessing me with this special opportunity to be here in a place and blessing me with a wonderful family. 

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Shrimp Like I’ve Never Experienced!

So, here I am in Alaska–and my life has changed since I have had the privilege of tasting the best shrimp ever–when we caught spotted prawn in our shrimp pots off the Tongass Narrow Straight.  I have never seen shrimp this big!  I was also inspired to find more shrimp recipes.

raw shrimp

Spotted Prawns Ready to Cook–only a couple of hours pulled out of water!

shrimp 1

The Prawn is almost as big as the beer bottle!

shrimp 2

Steamed Prawn –Ready to Eat!

tasting shrimp

Oh…so good, I had to close my eyes!

shrimp ceviche

Fresh Shrimp Ceviche!

More Shrimp Recipes:

#foodieforlife #Alaska2015 #wildcaughtbaby #bringontheshrimp


Wild in Alaska

So—July 4th weekend kicked off last Friday with a long trek from Houston, TX to Seattle, WA and then on to Ketchikan, Alaska!  Over the weekend, I caught my first catch ever–a King Salmon with the help of my cousins.

King Salmon and Trish

Every morning, I wake up to a gorgeous view of the Tongass Narrow with float planes either circling, gliding, or puttering above and below us.  Every night, I see the calmness and tranquility of the water and she manages to lull me to sleep.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous right now—high 60s, low 70s, and SUNNY–very atypical of this rainforest city.

The best part is spending time with my boys and extended family here.  Will continue later!

Week #18 – Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

rest This week, I am giving my body a break!  Since I’m out of town for work, timing is perfect.  This busy working mom of 2 is welcoming this time to take care of herself!  It’s so hard sometimes for people who like to be active to slow down, but active rest or recovery is essential for a healthy mind and body.   So, here, I’m stretching, eating well, walking, jacuzzing, and sleeping. At the end of my conference, I am thinking of scheduling a massage! Active Recovery: The Secret To Maximizing Your Training! –